New Splice Audio Libraries

It would be of no surprise that I have a Splice account for their massive selection of royalty-free sounds and loops. While the service is generally designed for music producers, you can find some nice, hidden gems that could add to a body of digital foley and sound effects.

In the past few weeks, here are a few of the new sound libraries I’ve added to the Secryt digital archives.

Cinetools – Creepy Subs & Low-End Hits: Cinetools present the first in our new HORROR Series with “Creepy Subs & Low End Hits” that will make for a frightful and memorable masterpiece haunted story!

Cinetools – Haunted Atmospheres: We are here again with the third instalment in our HORROR Series with “Haunted Atmospheres” that will plunge your mind into a terrifying paranoia.

Cinetools – Horrific Stingers: We are proud to present “Horrific Stingers” the fourth instalment in the exciting new HORROR Series from Cinetools – A suspense theme collection including mysterious and dark sounding tunes to build tension and suspicion in any scenes.

Epic Stock Media – Braaam Strike: Inspired by Hollywood blockbuster movies like Inception, Interstellar, A Dark Knight, we present to you Braaam Strike. Braaam Strike showcases the most sought after trailer sound effect “the menacing cinematic synth horn impact”.

Epic Stock Media – Epic Movie Trailer: We are proud to announce our newest cinematic sauce pack Epic Movie Trailer – You get deep subsonic impacts, Breath halting Bassy and in depth designs, making for a must have theatrical sound library.

Freaky Loops – Ominous Pianos vol. 2: We are here again with the second instalment of ‘Ominous Pianos’ featuring 24 stunning midi files progressions, malicious melodies and creepy piano passages. Take a deep breath and get ready for the Ominous Pianos Vol 2!

Laniakea Sounds – Bliss Atmospheric Vocals: Laniakea Sounds introducing brand new sample pack – «Bliss», filled a unique atmospheric vocal ad-libs and complex soft vocal textures, suitable for a various genres of music.

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