New Splice Audio Libraries – June 2018

A total of nine new sound packs have been added to the Secryt Labs ever-growing collection. Included are:

Ambient Atmospheres Vol. 2: The follow-up to the bestselling original, Ambient Atmospheres 2 returns with a vast selection of cinematic, lo-fi styled pad textures and soundscapes. This meticulously crafted collection was recorded and produced using iconic gear – including vintage Roland, Korg, Ensoniq, and 12-bit samplers, with “thrift store” tape machine processing for an authentic lo-fi vibe. Guaranteed to add depth and unique character to any mix irrespective of genre.

Braaam Strike 2: BRAAAM Strike 2 is the second sonic selection of career-defining audio elements. Set your production apart and deliver them into the rarefied sounds of the Hollywood elite. BRAAAM Strike 2 showcases more of the most sought-after movie trailer sound effects. Menacing cinematic synth horn impacts today is known as BRAAAM. These sounds have been described as anything from a fog horn sound, bass drone, a massive blast of indistinguishable brass. An alphorn next to an amplifier, one single stomach rumbling tone and most recognizably, “The Inception Sound.” Created by award-winning film composer, David Levy. Braaam Strike 2 is back and aimed to provide you with the epic blockbuster trailer quality sound effects. AAA game studios and major film studios are looking for. Cue in dark dramatic dynamics, make massive hits, create outstanding ominous and signature textures and cinematic scenes.

Cartel Hall – Textures & Drones: Laniakea Sounds are back with new artist sample pack “Carter Hall – Textures & Drones”. This package features a superb collection of atmospheric material for any kind of producers and music, and provided to you 100% Royalty-Free. Carter Hall – upcoming project from the unknown place. This mysterious alias have a really soft and cinematic character of sound and can win your heart and mind. With this product you can feel the specific ambience, the new wave and get the amazing inspiration. These samples are really unusual, they are silky textured with seductive filling, super-organic and enveloping. Inside the package you’ll find: live sounds from the streets and subway, textures which will take you to another reality, drones that can be your way to the beautiful places around the world. For sure, “Carter Hall – Textures & Drones” will fit to your music, whether it’s Ambient, House, Trance or DnB. So, download this sample pack today and get inspired!

Cerberus – Epic & Cinematic Drums: “Cerberus – Cinematic & Epic Drums”, is an innovative library with a wide range of options that will take you from individual cinematic drum kit to epic ensemble powerhouse. It carries a lot of punch without being overly processed and still offers a ton of dynamic headroom for you to play with, perfect for any and all cinematic music genres.

Cinematic Series Vol. 5 – Neo Noir 2039: ‘Cinematic Series Vol 5: Neo Noir 2039’ pays homage to the awe-inspiring soundtrack works of Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, and Benjamin Wallfisch on the iconic ‘Blade Runner’ movies. Featuring professional voiceovers and a selection of powerful SFX, this is an exemplary collection of aural delights geared towards soundtrack composers and experimental producers alike.

Jaeger Cinematic Vocals: Cinematic vocal libraries are a tough nut to crack because they possess challenges and hurdles that aren’t present in other instruments from the orchestra. Audio Imperia have knocked it out of the park with their offering in this department and Jaeger Hangar IV delivers a truly unique and very angelic voice that will add a whole other dimension to your music.

Reach Out Loop Kit: Hit Star Productions gives you 50 synth heavy, electronic Trap Loops similar to artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Rich the Kid and Famous Dex. Get started making quality instrumentals with this loop kit!

skywlkr data pack: What set apart Star Wars from other sci-fi movies at the time of release was how “lived-in” the world felt – ships were rusted, bars were musty and dirty, clothes showed wear and tear. Only appropriate that SKYWLKR borrow his namesake from the seminal film’s protagonist – whereas other hip hop and trap producers’ tracks sparkle with an inhumane, clean flourish – SKYWLKR’s beats are dirty, gritty, and forceful. Get his pack as part of The Sound: Detroit. From studio discoveries to the stories behind genre-defining sounds, The Sound is an exploration into the creative process of today’s innovative artists.

Trailer Guitars – Tensions & Motors: “Trailer Guitars: Tensions & Motors” creates the perfect synergy between sound effect and organic guitar sound. Carefully crafted sounds in the categories of “Ebow Tension”, “In Space” (Ambient Sounds), “Motors” (Rhythmic Loops and FX), and “Rings & Stings” will take you straight into Mad Max, Underworld and The Martian territory.

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