January 2018 Stickers

In an effort to be a little more proactive about design-work, Secryt Labs is going to start putting out monthly stickers. There may be one, there may be a dozen, they may be promoting a Secryt Labs endeavor, they may be a nifty design. No matter what they are, new stickers ARE being printed in limited quantities and will be available soon.

The first two stickers are a NEUGOTH radio promotional sticker and a Be More Weird design. I will also be making the Stay Asleep Kiddies sticker available this month. You can pick them up locally at the upcoming Obscura and All the Colors of the Dark events, or at the MidSouthCon Friday night dance party. If you want me to mail some to you, send me a message at <a href=”mailto:booking@secryt.com”>booking@secryt.com</a> (I check this email every couple of days).

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