Introducing the Vox Populi Logo

All good projects need some sort of initial branding to help provide a foundation. The Vox Populi “The Voice of the People” project is a graphic design and photography concept revolving around the idea of subversive imagery. Inspired by propaganda posters throughout history, this project will photograph individuals and compose them into a new-style of design. These will be hard-hitting and brutal, but will not focus on any one group, country, political party, etc… they will be generic with an overall message of being against-all-authority and the reaction to a world gone mad. But, with some significant twists that will not be revealed just yet – if you know me, you know I have some sneaky-ass tricks up my sleeve.

The designs will be available as limited edition prints, stickers, t-shirts and more… thereby taking anarchist messages and mass-consumerizing them (I know right, capitalism just rocks). The project starts Spring 2018.

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