GVM LED Video Lights Added to the Studio

Secryt Labs just added some GVM LED Video lights to the studio setup. They were most recently used on an outdoor T-Shirt photo shoot to fill in shadows and provide a subtle edge light. I am very happy with these lights and hope to find interesting uses for them in the near future.

The amazing brightness of video light with the perfect restore color of CRI 97+ and TLCI 97+ high display index.To make the video lighting have a more real, natural color and high color reproduction.

Adjust the color temperature and brightness by twisting the knob. Adjust the color temperature range is from 3200k-5600k; Control the brightness between 10% and 100%.

GVM digital display can clearly see the change of color temperature and brightness, which is very helpful for precise dimming

The Video lights has unique flow-type cooling fins design, By increasing the contact area of ​​the back metal plate and air, the cooling effects are maximized across the unit.

U-sharp bracket design, it can rotate 365 degrees freely according to your shooting needs to achieve Multi-angle shooting for photography lighting.

GVM-520LS-R Bi-Color Video Light

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