By submitting your material and clicking “submit”, the writer agrees to the following:

* As a general rule Secryt Labs considers literary properties through the established channels in the industry.  You recognize that Secryt Labs has access to and/or may create or have created literary materials and ideas which may be similar to said material in theme, idea, plot, format, or other respects.

* You have retained at least one copy of said material, and you hereby release Secryt Labs of and from any and all liability for loss of, or damage to, the copies of said material submitted to Secryt Labs hereunder.

* You warrant that you are the sole owner and author of this material, and/or that you have the exclusive right and authority to submit the same to Secryt Labs upon the terms and conditions stated herein.  I will indemnify Secryt Labs of and from any and all claims, loss or liability that may be asserted against Secryt Labs or incurred by you, at any time, in connection with said material, these rights, or any use thereof.

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