The Secryt Department of Propaganda is the personal studio of Memphis multimedia artist Jonas Stoltz. The studio is dedicated to a vast assortment of projects including radio programming, audio dramas, motion graphics, post-production film, video editing and more.

Projects currently in development or production include:
* Neugoth Radio: Dark online radio reimagined, featuring the newest in goth, alternative, shoegaze and darkwave.
* Vox Populi: Graphic design project featuring anarchist and subversive images intended to be released as propaganda-like posters, t-shirts and stickers.
* Audio Dramas/Recordings: Original and specialty scripts including the classic audio drama, The War of the Worlds.
* Club and Convention DJing: Including Obscura, Arcana, Noir, Sinister, MidSouth Comic and Fantasy Convention, Shadowcon, MidSouthCon and more…
* Humans vs. Robots: New card game currently in development and hoping to go to Kickstarter for financing in June or July.

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