The Secryt Department of Propaganda is the personal studio of Memphis multimedia artist Jonas Stoltz. The studio is dedicated to a vast assortment of projects including radio programming, audio dramas, motion graphics, post-production film, video editing and more.

Projects currently in development or production include:

* Audio Dramas/DJ Mixes/Podcasts: Original and specialty scripts including the classic audio drama, The War of the Worlds
* T-Shirt Line: New series of silk-screened t-shirt will be available through ETSY in August 2018
* Club and Convention DJing: Including Obscura, Arcana, Noir, Sinister, MidSouth Comic and Fantasy Convention, Shadowcon, MidSouthCon and more…
* 30 Day Screenplay Challenge: Tentatively planned for September 2018

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Jonas Stoltz worked with:


Splice Audio Kits – July 2018

This month, I only purchased three sound packs to add to my ever-growing collection of sound samples. This time, all three packs were from Cinetools on Splice. Witchcraft – Elemental Dark Magic We’re proud to announce our newest sound library: Witchcraft; formed by primal dark elemental forces and full of darkness!! Featuring over 13GB of […]

Obedientiam et Servitutem

Here is a sneak peak into some of the new designs I am working on for upcoming stickers, shirts, posters, etc… The first is Obedientiam et Servitutem, Latin for Obedience and Servitude. This piece reflects the current political environment where politicians are merely puppets for a diabolical higher power. There will be several pieces from […]

Babyman Cometh

Thanks to Hugo and Jake (, I took it upon myself to create the first t-shirt design for my second set (make it available mid-August maybe???). The Babyman character comes from a Chick Tract and while watching the episode where Hugo and Jake reenact this particular pamphlet, I felt an urge to make this into […]

GVM LED Video Lights Added to the Studio

Secryt Labs just added some GVM LED Video lights to the studio setup. They were most recently used on an outdoor T-Shirt photo shoot to fill in shadows and provide a subtle edge light. I am very happy with these lights and hope to find interesting uses for them in the near future. The amazing […]

Audio and Video Production

Nava Sanctum Promo (Camera and Editing)

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93XFest 2008

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HI-LO (Oliver Heldens) – Wappy Flirt Visuals

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Nava Sanctum – Woodland Witch Opening

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Isosonic Audio Snippets (from 2002???)

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Human vs. Robots (Audio Production)

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